What a week! We learned how to open a can with our bare hands, figured out the one weird eye trick to look good in any photo, and got our hands on the Xbox One. Hopefully after washing the canned tuna juice off of them.

The World's Tallest Waterslide Better End In the World's Deepest Pool

Either that or there's going to be a lot of squished people needing to be scraped off the tiles at the deep end. Currently under construction at the Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City, the Meg-a-Blaster slide will open in Spring 2014, dropping people from nearly 140 feet up.

Kawasaki built a time machine and stole a bike from the future

Akira, Tron, I don't care what pop reference you pick. The new Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV—presented today at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013—is absolutely insane. And the way you ride this amazing thing is even crazier.

How Squinching Will Make You Look Good in Photos

If you—or the people you take photographs of—always look bad in images, then help is at hand. Professional portrait photographer Peter Hurley suggests you squinch next time you have your picture taken.

This is what a high speed turn in a US Navy destroyer looks like

I love this photo by U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Shane A. Jackson: sailors standing aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Bulkeley during a turn at full speed. It's crazy to think that a 509-foot-long beast that displaces 9,200 tons can make such high-speed maneuvers.

All the Weird Stuff Blockbuster Stores Are Putting on Craigslist

At Blockbusters across the country, Everything Must Go! Pretty soon, the rental chain's remaining locations will be closed, so last week, workers sifted through the rubble of their once thriving businesses and prepared the stores for the final rite of retail: The liquidation.

This animated GIF perfectly sums up why no one should ever drive a car

It's not complicated, really. Public transportation makes more sense than driving. Why? Because driving is an inefficient use of resources. Because driving is soul sucking. Because we can fit an unbelievable number of drivers and would-be cars into one bus. This animated GIF reveals the basic mathematics of it all: more drivers means more cars means more traffic means more pollution means worse everything. But if everyone decided to use public transportation, instead? Watch how much we would be better off.

Xbox One Review: Absolutely Amazing (When It Works)

Eight years later, the Xbox 360's successor—and Microsoft's latest bid to take over your living room—is here. Somehow it's both worth the wait and quite not fully baked.

Xbox One or PS4?

The next generation of gaming consoles is finally, finally here. The PS4 and the Xbox One are both lovely in their own lovely ways, but you'd be crazy to get both. So which one—if any—do you pick?

The actual probability of Earth going to hell in the next few decades

We know that climate change is already affecting Earth's weather in a major way, but we don't exactly know how bad things are going to get. However, scientists have a pretty good idea of the probabilities of Earth going to hell in the next few decades. This video shows them.

How to open a can without a can opener

Here's a tip you should file away in your folder for zombie apocalypse preparation and in your brain for future conversations for whoa, I didn't know it was that easy: opening a can without a can opener. All it takes is some abrasive concrete rubbing of the can's top and a firm squeeze of the can's body. As long as you don't slice your finger when the can opens, you could eat some tasty everlasting goop anytime you want.