This Clever Bug Spray Billboard Is Actually a Giant Insect Trap

What better way is there to advertise the effectiveness of your insecticide spray than with a billboard that also happens to double as a gigantic bug trap?


Created by Italian ad agency Publicis for a bug spray brand called Orphea, the billboard is partially covered in an invisible non-drying glue so that over time thousands of insects get stuck creating the illusion that they're falling prey to the can's blast. It's a brilliant way to promote the product, we just feel bad for the unfortunate soul who has to take the ad down at the end of the month when it's encrusted with millions of dead bugs. [Adverblog via Taxi]


Wouldn't it make more sense for the bugs to get stuck outside the V-shape of the spray? By gluing bugs to the inside of the spray shape they really are advertising their spray doesn't work and is in fact so ineffective that even if you directly spray bugs it does nothing. If they were trapped outside the spray shape though it would show that the spray is so great that bugs immediately move out of the way of it.