You probably all know about those old Yugoslavian monuments that look like TIE Fighters and scifi fortresses. Berlin based film-production company Molly Aida Film and director Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher are working on a promising-looking science fiction film partly inspired by these unearthly structures. It was successfully crowd funded a year ago, and this is our first look.

In this feature length film:

Earth is uninhabited by man. Most died, few left for Titan, a moon of Saturn. With them they took the remnants of humanity, what was left of it anyway. But there was an accident, the ships were damaged, and the remnants lost. They arrived on Titan without their history and soon began to lose their memory. Sankofa is a film about the woman they asked to find it.


A large part of the movie has been filmed in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia–featuring those incredible partisan monuments– and across the globe in Japan, Germany, France, New Zealand, and the US. Personally I cannot wait to see the results.


The movie is almost done, the edit is finished, and the makers are at the last stage, but exceeded the budget (due to computer hardware failure and such), meanwhile the final sound mix and color correction are still underway. They have already registered at major festivals with a rough cut, and they need just a little more time to get the final product.

They have decided to do one final crowd funding campaign–with a goal of $7,000–to help with the mix and color correction, in order to release this amazing independent sci-fi film. So this is your turn: support Sankofa!


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