5 of the Best End Credits Scenes of All Time

I don’t like post-credits scenes. They’re almost always underwhelming and are often made only to please a tiny sliver of people who are smugly in the know. Sometimes they even remove you from the feeling of the movie you just watched. End credits, though? Those can be pretty damn awesome because you don’t have to wait through the scroll. They happen right after the last scene.


It’s easy to love end credits when they’re fun like in 22 Jump Street (the endless sequels) and The Hangover (the pictures from the night we never got to see), but it’s more important for end credits to continue the emotional thread of the movie. And different movies do that in different ways.

Good Will Hunting lets that last feeling roll on by showing Will Hunting’s car on his drive away from home and toward Skylar. Comedies continue the laughs with gag reels while other movies provide an epilogue or a recap to what happened. All of those end credits are much better than any post-credits scenes, right?

Here’s what CineFix thinks the top 5 end credits are:

  1. Blue Valentine (movie in review)
  2. Legend of the Drunken Master (gag reel)
  3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (secondary plot line)
  4. Wall-E (epilogue)
  5. Inland Empire (coda credits)

What are your favorite end credit scenes?


Wreck-It Ralph.

The entire movie is a homage to video games, and the end credits really bring it on home in every possible good way.