WSJ: Intel Will Supply the Guts For a New Version of Google Glass

Illustration for article titled WSJ: Intel Will Supply the Guts For a New Version of Google Glass

According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel is readying the silicon brains which will power a new version of Google Glass, expected to be made available next year.


According to more "people familiar with the matter," an Intel chip will replace guts currently supplied by Texas Instruments. It's said to be part of a wider driver by Intel to become more involved with wearables.

There aren't really any technical details available, with the Journal admitting that "it isn't clear what Intel chip Google will use in the new version of Glass." But hopefully it's something that's efficient. It wouldn't, of course, be the first tine Intel silicon has appeared in a Google devices: Xeon chips are used in Google's self-driving cars and Atom chips appear in the Nexus Player.

The report goes on to explain that Intel plans to push the wearable to companies, "like hospital networks and manufacturers," once it contains its hardware. Recently, of course, there's been plenty of speculation that Google Glass might be dead. Whether Intel involvement and a push for the device's use at a corporate level can change that remains to be seen—but if the Journal's report is accurate, we may only have to wait until next year to find out. [WSJ]


Given TI's de facto exit from the mobile processing business (as Galaxy Nexus owners are too well aware) a while ago, this is probably for the best.