WTFJeans Have Specially-Fitted Pockets For USB Sticks and iPhones

Illustration for article titled WTFJeans Have Specially-Fitted Pockets For USB Sticks and iPhones

HTC may think the Nexus One shouldn't go in pockets, but WTFJeans has enough pockets for every gadget you own. Except your laptop. Or your fax machine.


Of course, regular jeans with regular pockets haven't yet been proven to be deficient in carrying either USB sticks or iWhatevers, but these do have a catch. iPhones and iPod Touches can be safely contained in the micro-fiber insulated pocket, which has been measured and cut just right so it doesn't move about, bumping up against your set of keys like it's a buxom girl at an R&B night. There's also a special hidden pocket for a USB stick—though as I usually carry around at least five in my handbag, along with a micro and miniUSB cable, I think I'd need a few more pockets added.

Both men and women are catered for by WTFJeans, and they'll be on sale the 2nd of May for 59 Euros, or $80 dollars. [WTFJeans via Recombu via Mashable]


Missing: the iPad pocket.

Oh, and why is the iPhone pocket in the back where you can sit on it? My phone goes in the front, thanks. (Luckily, I've already got kids and a lowered spem count is not a concern for might even be a benefit.)