Last week, we asked you to clue us in on any Indiana Jones/Star Wars links we may have missed. You had free range to go nuts—and you succeeded with flying colors.

Believe me when I say that you have completely outdone yourselves this week. The majority of your submissions were phenomenal, and a few merely great. None, however, were obscenely bad and/or just obscene—so that's a plus! The finalists ranged from masterful to wildly clever, but in the end, wit prevailed. And our winner above, created by Curtis Hart, is brilliant and all the more rewarding for its subtlety.

But I meant it when I said these were an incredible bunch. So after you check out the honorable mentions below, be sure to go to the original batch and browse through the whole bunch. Believe me—it's worth it.


By Arcane

By Mo


By unitsix

By Seth3590


By Bobsuruncle