If you sit at desk all day it's a good idea to have a reserve of dancey pop anthems you can play over and over to keep yourself engaged. This Yeah Yeah Yeahs jam's been my savior recently.

I can't be totally sure what exactly Karen O is singing about in Hysteric, but the song seems to be about one of those crushing moments when you realize "Oh shit, this isn't just fun. I fucking love this person." It's an amazing feeling, but there's consequences. Sometimes shit works out and sometimes it's a disaster.


Hysteric is tender. If you're a Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan, you know that's not Karen O's default setting. I don't usually sing along with poppy songs—not while sober anyway. The song's spacey, melodic instrumentation captures the experience of living a moment that feels too much like a dream to be true. Persistant drums plow forward pumping like a hesitant heartbeat that reminds you that, hell yeah, you're still alive. "I didn't think this was possible. This is real. Wow." It's not always love, but isn't some iteration of that sensation what we're all looking for? So I sing along, pound my feet, and bang my head. These moments exist, they're worth it. And then I keep typing. [iTunes, Amazon, Spotify]