Making Your Own Pen Is So Beautiful It Might Be Worth It

Things I've considered making on my own: a computer, a coffee table, a treehouse, mayonnaise and a few other things. Things I've never considered making on my own: toilet paper, socks, phones and pens. But maybe I should reconsider that last one. Making your own pen is such a beautiful process of machinery porn that I want to see the steel strip off the barrel in real life.


It's just a ball point pen and there are many like it but it would be your ball point pen. Alexandre Chappel recorded a short on what it's like to make your pen and annotated it perfectly. If you're a fan of spinning metals together, you'll love it. [Alexandre Chappel via MAKE]



Yes, for about $10k in equipment you don't have room to store, and ingots of metal that will mostly go to waste, you two can machine your own pen...