Why Sell Your Giant AT-ST Walker? Because Your Girlfriend Is Sick of It

Last Saturday, we told you about how there's a gigantic AT-ST Walker for sale on Ebay right now. It's still there, but why sell such a masterpiece in the first place? Because your girlfriend is freakin' sick of having it around.

The AT-ST's owner, Martin Fillery, explained the situation to the Daily Mail:

I think my girlfriend is starting to get a bit worried about me. I've always been a bit mad, and I love sci-fi stuff, but my spending on props is going through the roof. ...The Scout Walker is amazing, but I realised pretty quickly that it was just too big to use as on stage, so I'm selling it so I can get more toys.

Those toys he's got his eye on? A batmobile and the ambulance from Ghostbusters. Seems like something of a lateral move, but what do I know; I've never owned an AT-ST.

But the moral of the story is: she's probably right. [The Daily Mail, Metro via Fark]

You Can Buy Your Own Giant AT-ST Walker on Ebay for Just $16,000

How many of us, at some point or another, have actively fantasized about how cool it would be to own an Imperial AT-ST Scout walker? The answer should be "all of us." There's a chance to make that dream come (kind of) true, and it only costs $15,698.62. Roughly.

The badass walker in question is a "life-sized" 16-foot replica/statue being sold by hollywoods-finest-stuff on Ebay right now. But there are a few catches. First, it's in the UK (the price is actually ÂŁ9,800) and if you want it at your house you'll have to figure that out yourself. Second, a AT-ST isn't 16 feet tall; it's like 28 feet tall. At least, if Imperial meters are the same as Earth meters but hey, you saw the movies. You know what these look like.

The thrilling description on Ebay reads as follows:

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Never has one of these come up for sale EVER!! This is a completely one off, stunning hand made static display replica, built very sturdily from Metal and Wood. It has been fully weather proofed and can live outside! It even comes fitted to it's own trailer, which it easily removes from, as it is fitted to a metal frame stand so it doesn't have to be displayed on the trailer.

"Life-sized" or not, you have to admit it's pretty freaking righteous. But me? I think I'll keep saving up for a functional one. It's gotta happen sooner or later right? I'll even settle for a Snow Speeder! [Ebay via Geekologie]