This Impossibly Thin Table Stores Wherever You've Got an Inch of Space

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How often do you really use that dining table in your apartment? Most meals are probably consumed in front of the TV, or at a restaurant. And sure, it's handy for the occasional dinner party or tax audit, but the rest of the time it's just wasting space. So reclaim a good 40 square of your pad with this incredibly thin folding table by Lodovico Bernardi that practically disappears when you turn it sideways.


Seriously, if the prototype ever goes into production, you'll definitely want to be careful carrying this table off of an elevator. It could easily slip down that gap where the car lines up with your floor, and then you'll be back to eating off that monstrosity your parents handed down to you—and nobody wants that. [Lodovico Bernardi via dornob]

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Jerk Dently

You can mount a framed picture (or pictures) to the underside to make it more attractive when you hang it on the wall.

Or if you're handy, you could make a table that you mount to the wall with a hinge and frame that has a drop down leg.