NVIDIA says Project Shield will be available for pre-order starting May 20 for $350. The open platform portable gaming console will begin shipping in June.


The device is a little bit of everything at once—phone, tablet, and console. Shield runs Android Jelly Bean and has high-fidelity audio, 2GB RAM, 16GB flash storage, and 720p playback. In addition to price info, today we also learned that there are a couple of PC games landing on Shield, including Broken Age, Costume Quest, Flyhunter Origins, Skiing Fred, and Chuck's Challenge 3D. But if those don't do it for you, there are more titles to come.

We got a little hands-on time with the Tegra 4 gadget back at CES and found it to be a little bit busy and a bit weird, but that wasn't necessarily a deal breaker. Performance-wise, it worked well, and streamed games from the PC largely without issue, although the device itself was a bit difficult to get used to. That said, it's an interesting concept, and NVIDIA has been refining Shield since then, so what you get come June might be an improvement. [Project Shield]