You Can Try the So-Called YouTube Killer, Vessel, Right Now

Last week, former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar soft-launched his new subscription-based video website to content creators. Now, anyone can go and poke around and watch some video.


For now, you can get a single month of free access to explore what the site offers—just sign up for an invite here. Thereafter, it'll cost you $3 per month. You'll only be able to watch on the web or iOS for now, but it's said that an Android app is coming soon.

Vessel's business model is to lure YouTube stars over to the new platform by paying them more—in the region of $50 per thousand views, rather than just $2 per thousand. How successful that will prove remains to be seen, especially given that the pay-for site will only offer a three-day exclusivity window, after which footage will be fair game on YouTube. But hey, at least now you can find out for yourself. [Vessel]

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