You Do Not Need Corsair's $1,300, 24GB RAM Kit

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Look, I have no problem with people who are into building their own computers. It's cheaper than buying a premade tower, and you get a real sense of satisfaction out of building something yourself. But you've gotta have limits.


Spending $500 on a nice graphics card? OK, that's a reasonable enough splurge if you can afford it. But Corsair's new Dominator RAM kit? Not quite as reasonable.

This insane 24GB RAM kit is comprised of six 4GB memory modules rated at 1333MHz, loaded up with a fancy blue heatsink and a 60mm fan. It's designed for the latest top-of-the-line Core i7 processors on the Intel X58 platform, and yes, I'm sure it'll let you do seriously intensive tasks with much less hangtime.

But $1,300? For RAM? It's not the late 80's anymore, guys. That is fucking insane. [Corsair via SlipperyBrick]


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