These Scissors' Grooved Handle Makes Them Safer To Use as a Knife

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At one point or another, who of us hasn't risked losing a finger by opening a pair of scissors and using them as a quick, impromptu knife? It turns out they're a pretty good way to open taped boxes without horribly slicing what's inside, so Quirky took the idea and created a pair of scissors called the Sheath that's actually safe to use as an improvised knife.

When fully opened a groove in the handle stashes one of the scissor's blades making it safe to hold and letting you repurpose the lowly crafting tool into a formidable slicing apparatus. Quirky hasn't quite nailed down a price for this little innovation just yet, but they are putting into production. And even if the charge an arm and a leg for it, it's still better than accidentally losing an arm or a leg using a traditional pair of scissors like this. [Quirky]

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You don't wrap your fingers around it like you are holding a handle of a knife. I mean, ffs what kind of idiot does that. It would be like if you did the same with an actual knife when you choke up on the blade for finer control.

Instead, do exactly as you would with a knife in said hold, you pinch the blade between your fingers and thumb keeping your fingers Off the edge of the blade. Only, in this case, you would be holding the sides of the scissors blade that is opened under your hand with the 'edge' facing down and away from your hand.

Seriously, like this is something you actually have to be told?