You Must Watch These Two Last Jedi Stars Repeatedly Touch Weird Animals and Completely Freak Out

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Gwendoline Christie and John Boyega are blood enemies in the newest Star Wars movies, but watching them alternately egg each other on and cringe with terror as they stick their hands into a box is extremely funny. “Is this a crab?!” “Is it a frog?! Is it a marble?!”

Vanity Fair got the people who play Finn and Captain Phasma together to put their hands in something called the Fear Box. We the viewers—and one of the actors—can see what they’re touching, but the hapless celebrities are left clueless. There are things in the box beyond various creatures, but really, once they actors start touching animals, they’re confident everything they’re touching is an animal. And they freak out. Every time. It’s hysterical.

Actors have to do a lot of dumb things to promote their movies but, after watching this hilarity, all I want is a madcap comedy with these two yelling in fear over various situations.


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