Your iPhone Will Teach You How to Roll a Joint for Free

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Steve wants a porn-free world, but he doesn't seem to care much about a drug-free one. After all, he's a flowerpower LSD kid at heart and, technically, the Roll Your Own iPhone app doesn't promote any drug use. Nossir, it doesn't.

The app just shows how to master five rolling techniques with step-by-step videos and seventy detailed photos. And it gives you all the information you need about mixtures, papers, packing and crutches. Still, I bet many parents will not be happy to see this, especially certain governator—whose happy happy image is used to promote the app online. My bet: The Apple Store censorship machine will rethink its original decision and take this app down three minutes after I hit "Publish". [App Store via Roll Your Own via Krapps]


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what did you think that flat black glass back was for..... asthetics? Steve does coke off his iphone, nuff said.