Your Lego Is Probably Better at Decorating Holiday Cookies Than You Are

When he’s not recreating tragic Greek characters using Lego, Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks enlists his thousands of bricks to help out with the holiday chores. Decorating Christmas cookies is usually a mind-numbing task, but now when you pawn it off on a Lego Mindstorms creation.

Baking up a batch of cookies is still left up to you, but Allemann’s EV Icer can handle all of the decorating with either a snowflake, angel, or star design. You’ll need the latest version of Lego Mindstorms to follow the build instructions that Allemann has provided for download on his site, and the perfect consistency of frosting for it work perfectly—so expect some trial and error.


But once perfected, instead of slaving over a batch of cookies with a piping bag in hand, you can instead spend that time cozying up next to a roaring fire, or, more likely, battling the holiday hordes at stores. [JK Brickworks via The Brothers Brick]

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We just finished up programming and building one of these EV3 robotics for our freshman engineering class. These things are the biggest fucking pain in the ass.