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Your Pet Desperately Needs This Astronaut-Inspired Backpack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

“Who’s the greatest catstronaut in the United States? It’s you Champer-damper. It’s you!”

That’s the song I would sing to my pet cat if I had a pet cat and carried it around in one of these amazing ventilated carrying cases from U-Pet. Each of the cases comes with three different options for your pet’s viewing pleasure. You can swap out a traditional mesh portal with either a flat plastic porthole or a very space-age transparent semisphere. It gives your pet that awesome astronaut look you’ve always wanted.


As a neat little bonus, the bags also come with a plush pad for greater comfort. But honestly, your cat or dog or gerbil or whatever won’t be able to sit down when it sticks its head in that little plastic bubble. Would you?


You can buy U-Pet’s carrying cases on Amazon or directly from the company for $80 and up. Oh and if you’re wondering where I heard that weird song, just watch this amazing YouTube video about cat massage:

[U-pet via The Dodo]

Images via U-pet

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