Your Playlist Will Rule the Universe With This $4,000, 53-Pound, Infinity Gauntlet Bluetooth Speaker

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Ahead of Avengers: Infinity War’s official release in just a few weeks, China’s Brando has revealed the penultimate collectible for fans of Thanos’ rise to power. Why buy a simple life-size replica of his infamous Infinity Gauntlet when you could buy this superior life-size replica made from actual copper, with glowing Infinity Stones, and sitting atop a display base that turns it into a booming, 72-watt wireless speaker?

For comparison, the speaker inside the Google Home personal assistant, which produces a decent amount of sound, is rated at around 10 watts. So while at 72 watts this sound system isn’t going to make your playlist heard across the universe, it should still be more than adequate for your home or office.


Designed by Camino Audio, which is known for cramming woofers and tweeters into miscellaneous film props, you can undoubtedly build a custom home stereo that will leave your ears bleeding with $4,000+ to play with. But will it be shaped like a mythical bedazzled glowing mitten officially approved by Marvel? Obviously not.