Before X-Men: The Animated Series and its amazing theme tune graced our screens, Marvel attempted to set up an X-Men cartoon in the late 1980's with Pryde of the X-Men - and now, a producer on the series' pilot has put a set of original storyboards for it on eBay.

Although Pryde of the X-Men - which sees Kitty Pryde join the X-Men for the first time and do battle with Magneto - was never picked up for a full series, the pilot episode frequently ran in syndication alongside the rest of X-Men: The Animated Series, and also served as the basis for Konami's classing side-scrolling beat 'em up arcade game. It's also infamous for giving Canadian superhero Wolverine an Australian accent, but there you go.

Will Meugniot, a producer on Pryde of the X-Men, has put a 53 page set of storyboards from the pilot up for sale on eBay, covering Act One of the episode. It's an amazing insight not only into the process of animating a cartoon, but also a look back at a unique piece of Comic book and cartoon history - after all, Pryde of the X-Men was the team's first appearance in an animated series of their own (although they had shown up in cameo roles in some of Marvel's 1960's cartoons, like Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends).


The lot, which also comes with a letter of Authenticity from Meugniot, is due to run until 6 pm PDT on September 24th - and is currently going for $190. Check out a few more scans of the art over at the eBay listing linked below.

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