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About Gizmodo

Founded in 2002 as one of the internet’s very first “tech blogs,” Gizmodo is dedicated to fiercely independent reporting and commentary on technology, science, and internet culture.

Gizmodo’s sections include Earther (reporting on climate change), io9 (genre entertainment), and Spaceflight (space exploration). It also encompasses Gizmodo en Español, which publishes original Spanish-language content.

The future is here.

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Mail: Gizmodo, 1290 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Fl., New York, NY, 10104

Media Inquiries: If you are interested in interviewing our editors or reporters, please contact Mark Neschis, Head of Corporate Communications, at mneschis@g-omedia.com.

PR & Story Pitches: Email our writers directly, or send a message to tipbox@gizmodo.com. If you are a freelance journalist and want to write for us, please see our instructions for pitching Gizmodo.

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Editor In Chief: Dan Ackerman


Special Projects Editor: Rhett Jones

Senior Reporter: Thomas Germain

Staff Reporter: Mack DeGeurin

Staff Reporter: Lucas Ropek


Staff Reporter: Florence Ion


Deputy Editor: Rose Pastore

Staff Reporter: Ed Cara

Staff Reporter: Angely Mercado

Staff Reporter: Isaac Schultz


Deputy Editor: James Whitbrook

News Editor: Cheryl Eddy

Senior Reporter: Germain Lussier

Staff Reporter: Linda Codega

Staff Reporter: Sabina Graves


Staff Reporter: Kyle Barr

Staff Reporter: Kevin Hurler

Staff Reporter: Nikki Main

Staff Reporter: Passant Rabie


Deputy Editor: George Dvorsky


Video Lead: Artem Golub


Justin Carter

Gordon Jackson

David Nield

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