How to Pitch Gizmodo, io9, and Earther

Illustration: Jim Cooke/Gizmodo
Illustration: Jim Cooke/Gizmodo

Gizmodo, io9, and Earther always welcome feature pitches from writers. We’re looking for features about technology, science, science fiction, our planet, and the internet.


These can be investigations, personal stories and essays, profiles of extraordinary people, and experiential pieces. io9 would like some thoughtful essays on genre fiction, in-depth reported features, and nuanced opinions on big franchises. Earther is interested in communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis, in-depth reporting on Big Oil and other bad actors, and the technology that could help (or harm) the climate.

We also accept some consumer tech reviews. Gizmodo is interested in automation, AI, old tech, bad vaporware, nature, death, and conspiracies. We’re into internet culture, drama, weirdness, and tech and internet history. We expose harassment and trolls, and take on powerful companies, online institutions, and the system. We write about addiction treatment, healthcare, and medical controversies, existential physics, obsessive scientists, cult movies, nature, hypes, hopes, conpeople, monsters, subcultures, passions, power, myth, and many, many various online communities. We’d like to see pitches on the intersection of tech and labor, sexuality, or health.

Send your pitches to or email me directly at Include your potential headline, a short paragraph describing your feature, who you’re hoping to interview for the piece (whenever applicable), and links to your previously published work. Our rates vary according to writers’ experience and the scale of the project.

We are not looking for recaps, reviews of films or television episodes (unless you have non-film expertise on the subject), most lists, and fiction (unless we’re specifically asking for fiction submissions).

This post is updated as our requirements change.

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