Kelly Knight Craft, Trump's Pick for UN Ambassador, Once Said She Believed 'Both Sides' of Climate Change

President Donald Trump has announced that he will nominate Kelly Knight Craft to fill the role of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The president tweeted the announcement Friday, adding that Craft “has done an outstanding job representing our Nation and I have no doubt that, under her leadership, our Country will…

Dianne Feinstein Is Not Happy With Kids Asking Her to Vote for the Green New Deal

The progressive climate advocacy group Sunrise Movement is lobbying Senators to support the Green New Deal ahead of a vote on the resolution that could reportedly come as early as next week, and today, a group of people including children who support the resolution presented a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein of…

Eating to Save the Planet Isn't Just About What I Eat—It's About What I Don't

In three weeks of eating a diet that was devised by scientists to sustain a planet with 10 billion humans, I’ve learned about my own relationship with food and the ups and downs of eating in 2050. This week, I looked in my fridge and realized there’s one thing I’ve really been struggling with.