The Great Barrier Reef's Secret Climate Change Weapon Is This Switzerland-Sized Meadow of Seagrass

Tourists frequently flock to Lizard Island, off the northeastern coast of Australia, to marvel the Great Barrier Reef. Among the dugongs, sea turtles, and jewel-toned corals, though, there’s another organism that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves: seagrass.

This $11 USB-C Charger Is As Small As they Come

At 18W, this Aukey power brick isn’t the most powerful USB-C Power Delivery charger we’ve seen—a 12" MacBook’s charger puts out 29W, for example—but it is certainly the smallest, and one of the cheapest to boot. Just use promo code XMASAK07 at checkout to save.

Why Does This Right-Wing Dating App Have a Urologist On Call?

Rejoice, for this Christmas season has birthed unto the world a new dating app: Righter, which has pledged to be an alternative to all the lib-addled dating services that presumably exist. That’s fine! What we urgently needed to know after a minute or so of engaging with it was why Righter has a urologist on call, as…

New Rumors About a Very Peculiar DC Character Coming to Doom Patrol

Guillermo del Toro’s Scary Stories gets a release date. Thre comics industry icons have signed intriguing movie and TV deals. Plus, another sneak peek at Gotham’s final season, what’s to come on Supernatural and Legacies, and a new clip from Mary Poppins Returns. Spoilers, away!

Dyson's V10 Sucks In All the Best Ways, and Is Back Down To Its Cyber Monday Price, Today Only

It’s 2018, and your vacuum shouldn’t have a cord anymore. Dyson’s cordless V-series stick vacs have long been go-to cordless options, but the powerful new V10 is arguably the first that can truly, completely replace a corded vacuum, at least for smaller homes.