Snag An Extra Set of Fitness-Friendly Bluetooth Earbuds For Just $18

For just $19 today, you can grab Anker’s SoundBuds Surge lightweight Bluetooth headphones, a close relative of the SoundBuds Slim, which won our affordable Bluetooth headphone Co-Op. With magnetic connectors on the earpieces and a water-resistant coating, these would be a great addition to your gym bag or suitcase,…

There's Plans to Bring Modern Superhero Classic Black Hammer to the Big Screen

Kevin Feige talks about Marvel’s plans for The Eternals. There’s wild rumors about who else could join Westworld’s third season. Go behind the scenes on Aquaman’s underwater filming. Plus, the first details from the last two episodes of Doctor Who season 11, and a new look at Elseworlds. Spoilers go!

Google's 'Squoosh' Image Compression Tool Shows Off the Power of Web Apps

Google has a new, experimental web app for you to try: Squoosh. It uses the latest in image compression technology to cram your pictures into smaller file sizes with a minimal loss of quality, but what really impresses about the app—coded in the WebAssembly programming language—is its speed, even under a relatively…

Stan Lee's Spider-Man PS4 Cameo Is So Quintessentially Stan Lee

Stan Lee loved a good cameo. The legendary comics icon, who died yesterday at 95, got to sneak into so many movies based on heroes he’d helped bring to life over the past two decades—and even into some based on ones he didn’t. But maybe the one that best encapsulates Stan Lee as a creative is one of his most recent.

Twitter: We Might Have Some Time for a Vague Discussion on the President's Voter Fraud Lies Next Year

Twitter is never, ever going to ban or otherwise take direct action against the president, who besides being the site’s number one power user has in the past skirted uncomfortably close to using it as ground zero for nuclear war. The logic goes that as the president, Trump’s tweets are inherently newsworthy—a sensible…

Rogue One Isn't Just Getting a Prequel Series, It's Also Getting This Stunning New Poster

Two years removed from the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the story of Jyn Erso and her crew is cool again. Not that it ever wasn’t cool, but the fact that Cassian Andor is getting his own prequel series has certainly put the film back in the spotlight. And now, wouldn’t you know it? A new poster is coming…

White Supremacist Who Called Synagogue Shooting a 'Dry Run' Arrested On Illegal Gun Charges

Jeffrey R. Clark Jr., a 30-year-old living in the D.C. area, was arrested last week after his relatives alerted the police about his alarming violent, white supremacist statements. Clark has since been arrested and charged with illegally possessing a firearm and a high-speed magazine, according to the Washington Post.

Capital One Is Overhauling the Venture Card - 75,000 Point Welcome Bonus, and Transferrable Airline Partners

Capital One’s Venture card has always been a bit of a hybrid between cash back and travel rewards cards. While you could earn a lot of points through, and erase travel purchases from your credit card statement by redeeming them, you couldn’t transfer them to any airline programs like you could points from …