Diego Luna on the Cassian Andor Star Wars Show, Updates From Morbius, and More

Bad Robot has revealed two more sci-fi projects. Food company General Mills, of all companies, wants to get in on the cinematic universe trend. John Marrs’ The One is heading to Netflix. Plus, what to expect from the DC/CW slate soon, and more Twilight Zone casting. Spoilers get!

Block Out the World With These Sony Noise Canceling Headphones For Just $113

If you’ve been meaning to buy yourself some noise canceling headphones, there’s no time like the present. These Sony XB950s are all the way down to $113 today, a match for the best price we’ve ever seen. They would also make a great gift for anyone that spends a lot of time on planes or trains.

Marvel's Darth Vader Comic Is Doing Something Extremely Wild With the Dark Side

We barely know what the Force is in Star Wars. Pushing, sensing, lifting rocks, projecting yourself across millions of miles—it just scratches the surface of that mysterious ephemeral energy that binds us all together. But the latest arc of Darth Vader might have opened a bonkers new door. Hell, it might have blown…

Turo Guy Who Street Parked 38 Cars Has Chicago Furious With Him

Turo is, in theory, brilliant. If you’re not using your car, you can rent it out to other people. Make some money on the side. If you own two cars, that’s even better. You can make twice the money, in theory. But a lot of people in Chicago are mad at one man, who rented an astounding 38 cars on Turo, and parked a…