Weirdly, the Rampage Director's Problem With the Game's Story Wasn't That It Barely Existed

Video game movie adaptations have had a rocky history‚ÄĒwhether or not they adhere to the fiction of the games their inspired by, or do something totally different and just slap the source material‚Äôs name on it. But apparently, Rampage director Brad Peyton refused to even sign on if the movie even considered going with‚Ķ


Reports: Texas Bomber May Have Engineering Background, But Has Left Growing Forensic Trail

The sophistication of the package bombs that keep on detonating throughout the cities of Austin and San Antonio in Texas has authorities and experts concerned that the perpetrator is not an amateur, USA Today reported on Tuesday. But engineer or not, they are leaving a growing trail of evidence like an undetonated…

Here's What Interference Engines Are And Why They Exist At All

Do you know what an ‚Äúinterference engine‚ÄĚ is? While I know a great many of our regular readers do, there‚Äôs no shame if you‚Äôre not exactly sure. It‚Äôs a term that gets thrown around a lot, and is really quite important. In fact, I bet a lot of readers who are familiar with the term are nervously wondering, as we speak,‚Ķ

Cambridge Analytica Goons Brag About Winning the Election for Trump in New Undercover Video

Cambridge Analytica, the data-firm that’s wrapped up in a massive scandal with Facebook, is having a very bad week. Following Monday’s reveal of an undercover video showing executives bragging about blackmail and bribery, a new video shows the men bragging about winning the election for Donald Trump and their use of a…

High School Principal Faces Child Porn Charges After Embedding Hidden Camera in Fake Phone Charger

56-year-old Dean Stearns, former principal of Vermont’s South Royalton School, is being charged with promoting sexual recordings, voyeurism, and possession of child pornography. Stearns pled not guilty to all charges on Monday. Vermont State Police say they recovered over 200 pictures and video of underaged girls in…