More Speculation About the Arrowverse Replacement for Firestorm on Legends of Tomorrow

Rian Johnson reveals how his pitch for the new Star Wars trilogy came about. John Bradley talks about some big movements in Game of Thrones’ final season. Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat lift the lid on Bill’s fleeting return to Doctor Who. Plus, snippets of new Black Panther footage. Hi-o! Spoilers, away!


It's Official: The X-Men and Fantastic Four Are Coming Back to Marvel Thanks to a Huge Deal Between Fox and Disney

After weeks of teasing the public with reports of false starts and stops, Disney and Fox have settled on a massive $52 billion deal in which all of 21st Century’s film rights are being sold to the House of Mouse. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is about to get a whole lot more, well, fantastic.

A Long-Delayed Horror Film From the Director of Gerald's Game Is Finally Coming to Netflix

Mike Flanagan has accomplished an incredible amount in the past few years: his well-received indie breakout Absentia in 2011; 2016's Ouija: Origin of Evil, the rare sequel that improved upon its predecessor, and this year’s excellent Stephen King adaptation, Gerald’s Game. And now, a film he’s been waiting to see…

Ajit Pai Thinks You're Stupid Enough to Buy This Crap [Update: One of the 7 Things Is Dancing With a Pizzagater]

On Thursday, the Republican-dominated Federal Communications Commission and its chairman, Verizon BFF Ajit Pai, will hold a vote on whether to repeal Barack Obama-era net neutrality rules. If passed, the FCC would allow ISPs to begin setting up a tiered internet designed to suck as much money from customers’ pockets…


There's Another Announcement About A New Flying Car And It Makes Me Hate What I've Become

What happened to me? I used to be the sort of person that loved hearing about the flying cars we’d all enjoy in the future. The very idea was thrilling, the technology ingenious, the potential inspiring. But now, when we get emails about new flying cars like this one called the Switchblade, I find I’m just a cranky,…