A Blunt Episode of Doctor Who Harkens Back to Its Educational Core

What is Doctor Who about? It has been around for so long, changed into so many things, that sometimes it’s hard to say. Even “It’s about time”—its current tagline—can feel not quite right. But last night’s powerfully forthright episode took the series back to a definition it started with over 50 years ago.

Take 40% Off Two FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers And Say Goodbye To Wasted Food

I get it, you don’t know me or value my opinion, but everyone knows and trusts Shep McAllister, and he’s stated repeatedly that getting a discounted FoodSaver will pay for itself. I’m here to reiterate that. A FoodSaver vacuum sealer will keep your food safe from freezer burn and double the shelf life of food in the…

The Walking Dead's Latest Episode Only Made a Single Mistake

Hoo boy. So last week, The Walking Dead had its lowest ratings ever. And mean, ever—below that even of season one, before it became a phenomenon. Compared to this disaster, Rick’s plans for a peaceful future are in pretty good shape! But that’s only because “completely falling apart” is still better than “presumed…

Category 5 Hurricane Willa Is on a Collision Course With Mexico's West Coast

It was a nice two weeks of quiet in the tropics, wasn’t it? Unfortunately, that quiet is over. Over the weekend, Hurricane Willa rapidly intensified into a Category 4 beast that’s beelining for the Mexican coast. It will bring fierce winds, powerful surf, and rains that could trigger landslides.

Stephen Hawking's Wheelchair and Papers Are Up for Auction, and We Hope They Land in Good Hands

This morning, Christies announced that it would be auctioning off 22 items from the life and work of renowned theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, who passed away earlier this year. Among the items up for auction will be one of Professor Hawking’s earlier motorized wheelchairs, which he relied on when his battle…

More Joker Set Pictures Give Us Our First Look at the New Thomas Wayne

Get up close with Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ take on Ghidorah. Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie gets a delay. Stephen Amell dispels a suitably ludicrous rumor about the DC/CW crossover. Plus, a bizarre look at Freddy Krueger’s return, and what’s to come in next week’s Doctor Who. To me, my spoilers!