Marvel Offers Grief Counseling at Comic-Con for Fans Traumatized by the End of Infinity War 

In one of the more fun, tongue-in-cheek installations at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Marvel Studios has been offering help for fans who were “traumatized” by tragic end of Avengers: Infinity War, and emotional support for those “devastated” by the loss of (half of) their favorite superheroes.

New Toys Reveal Some of Into the Spider-Verse's Newest Spider-Heroes

Sony brought the gorgeous-looking Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to Comic-Con with news that Miles, Gwen, and Peter would be joined by even more Spider-heroes—but because the footage was never put online, we never got to see them. Thankfully Hasbro showed up with some upcoming action figures from the movie to make…

Wall Street Journal's Dan Neil Deletes Twitter After Tesla Model 3 Review Blowback

Just how charged is the discourse around Tesla these days? Can a journalist criticize the company without being called a short or a pawn for Big Oil? Can they write something positive without being called a member of Elon Musk’s cult? Evidently not on both counts, if you’re the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Neil, who…

Bill Skarsgård Explains How His Castle Rock Character Is the Opposite of Pennywise

Bill Skarsgård became a horror icon thanks to his portrayal of Pennywise in last year’s horror hit It, a role he’ll reprise in the sequel next year. In between, he’s got another sinister turn in another Stephen King-inspired tale, Castle Rock. But as the actor explains, the characters couldn’t be more different.

Nintendo's Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller and Adapter Are Actually Slightly Discounted Right Now

If you want to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a GameCube controller, as nature intended, you’ll want to preorder the controller and/or the official adapter now. Not only are they in stock (hardly a given with Nintendo hardware), Amazon’s actually taking a tiny bit off at checkout for each, no Prime membership…

Bow Before the Epic Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con, Day 3

We might be entering the final day of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but its incredible cosplay feels like it’s only getting starting. io9 has got the best looks from Saturday, arguably Comic-Con’s biggest day, and we’re sharing them with you right now! Check out the video and photo slideshow, where you can catch …

Watch the Haunting Trailer for Cartoon Network's Long-Awaited Infinity Train Series

In 2016, Cartoon Network launched a short animated film called Infinity Train as part of its pilot program, and it quickly became a viral hit. And yet, it would take another two years for the channel to finally confirm it would turn the short into a full series. Now, we have an intriguing first look.

Steven Universe: The Movie Is Coming and So Is White Diamond

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the Crystal Gems came to this year’s San Diego Comic Con with an all new episode of Steven Universe teasing what’s in store store for Steven in the next arc of their epic adventures and, well, the last of the Diamonds (and her Princess Leia-inspired Pearl) is…

A Driver for Uber and Lyft Covertly Streamed Hundreds of Rides on Twitch Without Rider Consent

In the past few months, wannabe online video stars have filmed themselves doing a suicide bomb “prank” at college and spreading a fake rumor about a mass shooting at a Disney resort. They have also landed themselves in court for things as varied as feeding toothpaste-filled Oreos to a homeless man and shooting their…

Someone Explain Why the First Motorized Bus Looks Like Something Off a Horror Movie Set

I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly what it is about the Milnes-Daimler Omnibus that makes me so uncomfortable. This thing is bulky. It’s big. It looks like it shouldn’t function and yet somehow it did. People of the early 1900s, tell me what you were imagining with this bad boy.