The Fireworks Laws in Every StateS

The 4th of July is just two days away, and we all know what that means: The casual and festive use of explosives. Well, that is if you live in (or near?) one of the 42 states that smiles upon that kind of thing. And if you're unsure whether you are living in party town or under a wet blanket, this map can help you out.

The American Pyrotechnic Association has a detailed collection of PDFs that outline the various ins and outs of firework use in all 50 states, but the map above is the best quick reference for the level of (pyrotechnic) freedom your state—and its neighbors, winkwinknudgenudge—provides.

So before you start planning your annual arsenal, take a quick peek at what you can get away with and plan accordingly. Keep in mind, too, that counties and municipalities have their own legal peculiarities as well. And whatever you do, try to make it to July 5th with all your lovely digits intact, OK? Happy exploding! [American Pyro]