24 Hours With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Has Me Convinced of a Folding Future

Samsung’s newest flagship, the $1,380 Galaxy Z Flip, might actually be the first foldable phone worth buying. The company gave me a Flip to use for 24 hours, which isn’t long enough to fully review the device, but I used the Flip as my main phone for a full day to see how it stands up to my daily life.


The key differentiator for the Flip is its size: a 6.7-inch screen folds in half to become a more pocketable flip phone. I can attest that it fits in all of my smallest pockets, including the ones in my favorite leather jacket. My iPhone XS sticks straight up when I try to tuck it into this pocket, and usually slips right out, so the Flip’s design makes a meaningful difference in my life.

There have been some questions about the Flip’s display and its durability. In my time with the device, I didn’t have any problems with it (though the screen does have a pretty noticeable crease when it’s completely dark).


I had to hand over my Z Flip to a Samsung rep after exactly 24 hours, but we’re going to spend more time with the phone for a full review. Stay tuned.

Consumer tech editor, Gizmodo.

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This article is pretty pointless isn’t it? An entire article to tell us you like the size and only got it for a day?

Well ok then.