I never had a treehouse even though we had this fig tree that would've been perfect, so Design Blog's absolutely fantastical treehouses make me both resent my childhood and wish I was Peter Pan.

Somehow they miss Finca Bellavista's Endor on earth treehouse village, but I could still totally live in these for life, especially the Yellow Tree House restaurant and the Naha Harbor Diner, since I would have people making me delicious food. In a tree!

Otherwise, I'd wanna live in the 4treehouse or Free Spirit Sphere (despite the stupid hippie name) just because they're beautiful and where evolved humans will live after the cities crumble and forests take over again the planet again. The steampunk tree house would also be sweet, if there weren't so many smelly, annoying people hanging around it—though I imagine after living in a tree for a while, you would be one of those smelly assholes too.


Update: Here's another roundup of treehouses that would make Wookies and Ewoks jealous, with fairly substantial commentary too. [Design Blog]