Batman's Latest Scribe on Telling New Stories With One of DC's Oldest Heroes

There are more comics for more people than ever before, but for better or worse, the mainstays aren’t going anywhere. Best known for his work on Batman over at DC Comics, James Tynion IV is very cognizant of how the cycle of comics operates. He knows there’s an art to telling stories that have already been told, and stories that haven’t.

Batman has been around for a couple decades short of a century and dozens of writers have penned the pages of the character who many would call the world’s most iconic vigilante. Tynion got his start as a writer for the backup story in Batman #8 during the New 52 era in 2012. He’s been writing in and around Gotham for years but never told a Bruce Wayne story upfront and center. That changed in January when Tynion picked up the series from Tom King.


Simultaneously, Tynion recognizes the wave of all-ages comics must be steered by new perspectives. “I think that there are a lot of kids out there who don’t have a language for what they’re experiencing,” he told io9 late last this year. “They feel pressure from their outside world and the media they read to be something that they don’t feel like they want to be. That creates people who are closed off and just detached from the world.”


In our video interview with Tynion, which you can watch above with closed captions, we discuss how he’ll play up the inherent horror to Batman’s psyche in upcoming issues, why taking on Wonder Woman was only a little less intimidating than writing Batman for the first time, and his approach to ensuring the continuation of progress within the comics industry.

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Not his fault, obviously, but letting the loudest bullies chase Tom King off the book is just horrible.