Comic-Con 2020: The io9 Team Shares What They're Most Excited For

It’s officially San Diego Comic-Con 2020! We might be charging up laptops in our PJs instead of hopping on flights and trains to Southern California, but we’re still gearing up for plenty of panels, cosplay, and, of course, exciting news. The io9 team got together (virtually) to chat about our hopes, fears, and expectations for Comic-Con@Home.

io9's editor Jill Pantozzi recently hosted a chat with Charles Pulliam-Moore, Germain Lussier, Cheryl Eddy, and James Whitbrook to gush about all the shows and films we’re looking forward to in 2020, 2021, and beyond—whether we think they might make a surprise appearance at SDCC or not. We touch on Disney’s WandaVision, director Nia DaCosta’s take on Candyman, and much more. Germain even chatted up the Avatar sequels that no one else but him seems to want.


Be sure to watch the video above, produced by Mike Damanskis, for a close encounter with most of io9's staff as we get ready for San Diego Comic-Con 2020 (at home). And be sure to leave a comment with the shows and films you’re most psyched about!


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So the Comic Con experience is now just watching movie trailers of re hashed remakes and more boring formulaic superhero trailers, panels of actors, and basically Disney worship.. and now it’s virtual. That is just pathetic consumerism in a sadness bowl.

What a sad thing that people are excited about this and paying for it. The days of imagination are obviously gone. People will settle for any garbage the Disney machine and remake clowns throw at them in 2020.