Eat Your Fandom at an NYCC Food Truck Dedicated to Nerdy Delicacies

What’s a comic con without food? The smell of overly salty popcorn, the bar serving bottles of Stella Artois at 3:30 on a Thursday. And, of course, the Fandom Food Truck. Every year, Fandom dishes out free treats dedicated to some of the year’s hottest shows and films. io9's Beth Elderkin is joined by Gizmodo video producer Raul Marrero to try out an edible Power Sword, a “regeneration tonic” dedicated to Doctor Who’s first female Doctor, and much more. Check it out!

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Before watching the Video:

“Oh a Fantasy Food truck, this should be a nice amalgamation of Binging with Babish and Nerdy Nummies(Rosanna Pansino)”

After watching the Video:

“Huh all pre-packaged/prepared sweets, slightly disappointed. So a bunch of hyped nerds for an hour or two and then sugar crashed zombies walking the halls for hours after”