Get a Close, Gross, Exclusive Look at One of Underwater's Monsters

A long time ago, in a place that feels far, far away—three months ago in a public movie theaterFox released a sci-fi horror movie with Kristen Stewart. Critical reviews were mixed but plenty of people who saw it enjoyed the tense, tight, albeit slightly familiar, film. Now everyone else, who suddenly has a lot of time on their hands, can check it out too.

The movie is called Underwater and it hits digital and Blu-ray today. Stewart plays one member of a team drilling in the deepest trench on the entire planet. While there, an earthquake devastates them and seemingly revives something unnatural in the deep. Something Stewart and her crew, which includes current Westworld stars Vincent Cassel and John Gallagher Jr., Game of Thrones and Iron Fist’s Jessica Henwick, Uncorked’s Mamoudou Athie, and, yes, Ready Player One’s T.J. Miller, fight to survive.


In the above, extended scene, which we’re exclusively debuting on io9, you get a closer, grosser, look at a “baby clinger,” which should give you big time Alien vibes and, if you haven’t seen the movie, just a taste of what hides in the darkness.

You can order the movie digitally here or wherever they’re sold.


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Jered Mayer

I really enjoyed Underwater a lot, but huge chunks of it including the late creature designs and the, uh, big reveal near the end straight up felt like it was ripped/inspired by the first half of Scott Snyder's The Wake.