How to Get SMS Text Messages on Your Mac

If you have an iPhone and a Mac and use Messages on both devices, you’re probably used to seeing iMessages come through on the desktop or laptop without any issue. But texts from your Android friends? They never pop up.

There’s a way to fix this so you can send and receive messages to all your friends, regardless of platform, from any Apple device. Here’s how:

Open Settings on your iPhone, then scroll down to Messages. Tap on Select Message Forwarding. Toggle on the devices that you want to forward all of your messages to. (You can choose multiple Macs or iPads!) Check out our quick video tutorial above to see it in action.


That’s literally it. I know, right? It’s the little things in life.

If you have any pressing tech questions we can answer in a future Quick Fix video, drop ‘em in the comments. As you can see, no question is too small, no issue too insignificant for us to tackle. And if you have relatives for whom you’re often playing tech support, we can address their queries, too! It’s always easier to send a video how-to than to walk your parents/grandparents/children/best friends through it over the phone. (We know this from experience.)

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Any phone messaging app where you can also use a web interface is a game changer. Android gets this and you can use Android Messages via

You could even open that web page on a mac! But because blah blah ecosystem, we can’t have iMessage run on anything but ios/macos.