I Cannot in Good Faith Recommend This Japanese Desk Tent

We are a nation teetering on apocalypse, each week more fearful and anxious than the last. Maybe this is how I ended up with a five-foot-tall tent in my living room. Or maybe this is a logical purchase for remote workers in need of a versatile home office. In any case, I’m really into items that offer structure and balance right now.

As designers propose new doodads to cope with our new normal—wearable bubbles for shopping, ceiling-suspended shields for dining, space suits for clubbing—I started thinking seriously about creative solutions to regain a healthy work-life balance. Now that my boyfriend and I are possibly permanent officemates, he has full view into my depraved work habits: about the accumulation of empty mugs, about scarfing down noodles while hunched over the laptop, even the Ariana Grande power hour.


He knows too much. I could kill him. Or I could create a sense of mystique with this desk tent by the Japanese gaming furniture company Bauhutte.


“Hate light like a vampire does? Say no more,” reads the product description. Maybe, but I’m here for something else—the collapsible workspace in which I can contain my mess, self-isolate, and fit inside the neutral zone (the living room) without tainting it, hypothetically.

I was tragically wrong. The tent nearly destroyed all I hold dear.

The tent is available for $93.04 before shipping and ships from the opposite side of the planet within just a few weeks. But readers...be warned.


  • It is a blight, and if you’re reading this it means I can finally throw it away

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo


You couldn’t be fussed with at least writing a sentence or two about WHY and/or HOW it “nearly destroyed all I hold dear,” you know, like, a product review?