The Cast of The New Mutants Tells Us How a Delayed Release Could Be a Good Thing

Today during The New Mutantsvirtual Comic-Con panel, the most recent release date of August 28 was mostly made fun of. Mainly, the film’s release was referred to as “coming soon”—which, frankly, isn’t that encouraging. However, earlier this week io9 spoke with the film’s director, Josh Boone, and its stars Blu Hunt, Alice Braga, Henry Zaga, and Charlie Heaton, about how they feel about the delay, what they think it’s done to anticipation, and how people may get to see it.

In an alternate universe, this week we’re still buzzing over the two year anniversary of The New Mutants. The Marvel mutant film was originally scheduled to be released in April 2018 but Disney’s purchase of Fox, an active rumor mill, and, more recently, the novel coronavirus have continued to push the release of the film back. Check out our interview above to see what the director and cast had to say about the many shifts.


Boone seems to suggest whether it’s in theaters or on streaming, he’s just eager to get the film out, and Zaga (who will also team with Boone for the upcoming The Stand) thinks the buzz generated to the delay may actually work in the film’s favor. It certainly has generated more articles than the film would have if it just opened out of nowhere.


Tell us what you think of the answers below and check back soon for more from our interview with the cast of The New Mutants.

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