The Top New Features to Try Out in macOS Big Sur

I know macOS Big Sur has been available to install for about a month now, but I also know that there are plenty of Mac users who have dismissed that update button every day for weeks. That’s understandable: While macOS Big Sur has been stable for me, some have reported issues with it.

But once the dust settles and the kinks are worked out, Big Sur offers a major visual overhaul and some new features that are worth trying.


The most immediately obvious change is the Control Center, which is behind the toggle in the top-right menu bar. The iOS-ification of settings like wifi, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb is an interesting change both visually and in practice.

You’ll also notice that Messages looks a lot more like it does on your iPhone, with pinned conversations and group chat controls that make it easier to wrangle your loved ones and keep track of the threads.


And Safari also has some notable changes in Big Sur, specifically when it comes to privacy: You can now see which services are tracking you around the web in a new privacy report that shows you the worst offenders. Safari also sports some visual changes, with the ability to customize your homepage with a wallpaper or photo.

Check out the video above for the top features to check out in Big Sur.


Jerry Callo, Esq., Trump U. School of Law '89

My favorite feature is that my new-ish (less than a year old) MacBook Pro 16 inch now shuts down around 50% battery. It’s awesome.