There's a Treasure Trove of Ancient Video Games in This Underground Bunker

Mike Mika is a video game developer, so naturally he has a passion for video games. He modded Donkey Kong once so his young daughter could play as Pauline instead of just watching her flail as a damsel in distress. His first major paycheck went towards one of those Star Wars gaming cabinets from the ‘80s where you flew around in a X-Wing. But that wasn’t the first or last video game he owned.

Mika has thousands of games and nearly every console ever made, and he keeps them all in a bunker that can only be accessed via a ladder hidden in a bedroom closet. There’s everything from an original Pong machine like you would’ve found in an arcade in 1975 to a copy of Half-Life for the Dreamcast that was never actually released.


His collection is impressive, and his passion productive, and his knowledge expansive, which makes him the perfect final guest for season one of Show Me Your Nerd. But the show’s not over! We’re hard at work on season two. So if you think you or someone you know would be a great candidate for Show Me Your Nerd then send us an email at or

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If it can only be accessed by a ladder in his closet, how does he get those giant consoles in there? I also see a window, so “underground bunker” seems like a stretch for something most people would call “his basement.”.