Degrees of the Future 2022: UX Design

These are the universities with the best UX design programs.
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User experience design affects everyone, from voters trying to understand their ballots to a grandparent trying to video call with their grandchild. It’s crucial that these interfaces meet their moment, by making technologies like health care portals and smartphones as intuitive as possible. “User experience runs the gamut of trying to make sure that the software technologies that we’re dealing with are ones that work for and alongside people,” said Bridget Blodgett, director of the University of Baltimore’s Certificate in User Experience. “It is meeting human psychology and human physiology where it’s at, and trying to make sure that our software is actively engaging us in ways that are helpful.”

The Degrees of the Future 2022 top UX Design programs are:

Arizona State University | Tempe, Arizona
Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rice University | Houston, Texas
School of Visual Arts | New York, New York
Stanford University | Stanford, California
University of California, Berkeley | Berkeley, California
University of California, Irvine | Irvine, California
University of Maryland, College Park | College Park, Maryland
University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, Michigan
University of Washington, Seattle | Seattle, Washington

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