Wanna Bake? Here's How to Make Cannabutter to Celebrate 4/20 At Home

Monday, April 20, was supposed to be the most epic 4/20 of our lifetime: the once-in-a-century date on which 4/20 can refer to either the day of the month or the year. But the spread of Covid-19, which has grown to more than 2.1 million cases and 140,000 deaths, 4/20/20 will be a more subdued day than I anticipated.

The 4/20/20 get-together I envisioned, where clouds of cannabis smoke float gently across Hippy Hill in the Bay Area—where I live—is no longer possible. San Francisco Mayor London Breed even sent out a warning on Twitter to whomever was planning to venture out during the shelter-in-place order: If you’re caught celebrating outdoors with others, you will be arrested. That means this holy day for all cannasseurs will have to spent in the comfort of your home—and there are definitely worse things.


When life give you lemons, make some lemonade—or in this case, cannabis-infused butter (aka cannabutter) to bake some delicious canna-treats.

Cannabutter is probably the most important ingredient in baking with cannabis, besides the flower, of course. It will change your basic-ass chocolate chip cookies or boring double-chocolate brownies into weed chocolate chip cookies or cannabis-infused double-chocolate brownies. What could be better?


There are many ways to make cannabutter, but there are certain requirements I wanted to adhere to for my cooking adventure. In true Gizmodo fashion, I wanted to use high-tech consumer cooking equipment, and I didn’t want my apartment to smell of weed. Luckily, I found two ways to solve both problems.

A caveat: My sous vide machine wasn’t consistently hitting the recommended target temperature at times. It may be because of my setup—I was using a metal pot rather a plastic bin, and I didn’t cover it or wrap it with a towel. All the pros out there, please give me some tips for next time.

So here you go, party animals: two simple ways of making cannabutter in the comfort of your own home. Check out the video that gives step-by-step instructions to on how to make it and some helpful tips. Now sit back, relax, and try not to think about how apocalyptic everything seems right now. Happy 4/20!

Video producer @ Gizmodo & Kotaku.


unnecessary human being

i guess it’s subjective but to me an ounce of flower to 1lb of butter would be ludicrous and wasteful. Cannabutter is very efficacious. when i make my sedative crisped rice candy squares i use 2.5g w/ 1 stick (1/4lb) of butter and get great results.