Watch Our Spoiler-Free Solo: A Star Wars Story Video Review

For a more detailed, but still spoiler-free, review of Solo: A Star Wars story, check out our written review here. The video is transcribed below.

Filled with incredible action, effective emotion, and some really fun surprises, Solo: A Star Wars Story is a delight. It’s got all the wonder, humor, and excitement you’d expect from a Star Wars movie, with just enough mystery to keep fans talking about it for years to come. I’m a huge Han Solo fan, and this movie only made me love the character even more than I already did.


The film tells the story of a young Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, years before we meet him in A New Hope. He’s a young kid from a tough planet, who dreams of exploring the galaxy. He gets into all kinds of trouble that eventually molds him into the character fans have known and loved for decades.

The best thing about Solo is its characters. Sure, the Star Wars action is excellent, but Solo and his crew all matter to the story and have strong, emotional stakes in what’s happening. From Han and Qi’ra, to Beckett, Val, and the villainous Enfys Nest—everyone is given enough depth to make us care. Lando in particular, played with super swagger by Donald Glover, has one of the more heartfelt, weird, and wonderful arcs in the movie.


Admittedly, the plot itself is pretty straightforward and slightly predictable. It takes a little while for the film to find its footing. Han himself is a bit of a mixed bag. There were times when Ehrenreich didn’t really feel like Han Solo. That may turn off some fans, but I believe it’s the point. The whole movie is about him becoming the man we know. And the times those Han qualities do shine though are awesome.

Did the world need a movie about young Han Solo? Maybe not. But I’m really glad we have one now. It does a great job of making iconic moments in Han’s history feel real, and this legendary character feels more human and layered.

Star Wars fans should enjoy the new characters, complex relationships, and some really great, deep-cut references. But you don’t need to know much about the saga to enjoy this simple tale of how far someone will go to chase their dreams. The film left me wanting to see more young Han Solo movies, because there’s a lot more story to tell.

Solo: A Star Wars Story won’t be your favorite Star Wars movie, but it’s way better than you’re expecting. It reminds us why we love this crazy universe, and why Han Solo is a hero for the ages.


Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25.


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