We Got Dark and Sexy With Alfred at SDCC's Pennyworth Club

Let’s get sexy with Uncle Alfred: That’s a sentence we never thought we’d be writing. Epix is getting ready for the premiere of the Batman prequel series Pennyworth, all about our favorite Wayne butler, with a special experience at San Diego Comic-Con. Step back in time to the swinging 1960s, as the strange (and sometimes terrifying) secrets of the Raven Society await.

“The Pennyworth Experience,” located at the Oxford Social Club in downtown San Diego, is a groovy trip back in time. The event, which requires a secret password to get in, takes you into a high-society club called The Scarlet Rope. Visitors can play blackjack and check out a drag show before heading into the Library, which is filled with people trying to recruit new members into the Raven Society, a shadowy group that plays a major part in Pennyworth.


The Raven Society Headquarters, also located inside the club, features a creepy poetry reading and a kinda fucked-up dungeon. Luckily, it’s only being used for photos, not imprisonment of bad SDCC fans.


Pennyworth stars Jack Bannon as the titular butler/Wayne family security consultant, and debuts on Epix on July 28. The Pennyworth Experience will be at San Diego Comic-Con throughout the weekend. It’s free and open to the public, but you can expect a bit of a line for this one.

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Son of Spam

Looks really nifty and cool, but my guess is the ambience takes a dive when customers mingle around in cargo shorts, faded Adventure Time shirts or taking selfies holding plastic bag goodies.