We Risked Our Hair to Try Out Dyson's $500 Cordless Flat Iron

Bad hair days suck—so is it any wonder why lots of us don’t hesitate to plunk down hundreds of dollars a year in pursuit of a luscious, sleek mane? Even so, Dyson’s hairstyling gadgets are a special kind of expensive, from $400 supersonic hair dryers to its $550 Airwrap curling iron. The Corrale is Dyson’s latest hair gadget—a cordless $500 flat iron that the company says can smooth and curl any hair type.

Dyson’s pitch for the Corrale, and why you would want to invest that sort of money in the first place, is that it features one-of-a-kind flexing plates. Long story short, Dyson claims that you get more hair styled in fewer passes for 50 percent less heat damage.

We saw the Corrale in action in the hands of a professional. And duh, it was amazing. But even if you shell out for the Corrale, that $500 isn’t going to get you a professional stylist at your beck and call. So how does the Corrale hold up in the hands of amateurs? Well, to test that, we gathered a few volunteers around the office with various hair types to see how easy it was to achieve a bonafide lewk. Some of us are veterans at straightening our hair. Others—read: me—are sort of clueless.


A note here: These are just our first impressions of the Corrale in an admittedly, imperfect scenario. (You try styling your hair in a studio with a single mirror while a whole video crew is watching!) Even so, while we weren’t impressed by the price tag, there were a bunch of things that left us wishing our pocketbooks were just a tad fatter. We’ve also got a full review coming, so check back to see our complete thoughts on how the Corrale holds up outside the studio.


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When the girl in the red sweater realized she didn’t have it turned on I died LOL! We must be related.

I agree for $500 this thing should make you look like you got a professional blow out/flat iron style without even trying.