Would You Die for a Motorola Phone?

We’re back with a new season of Show Me Your Nerd, the show that documents the biggest nerds with the biggest collections. And there are few phone fans as passionate as the self-styled Motorola King of Montevideo, Uruguay. Felipe Berhau fell in love with Motorola when he was just 8 years old. He didn’t care that the business wasn’t doing well, or that newer, more exciting brands had replaced it in the market.

There was just “something mystic about the logo,” he told Gizmodo. It made him want to get his hands on all the Motorola phones and accessories that he could. Berhau has traveled to other countries to meet representatives and fellow fans, and collect hundreds of models of Motorola phones.


Not soon after he began his collection, his love was tested when he says a man with a knife tried to rob him on the street. He claims he refused to give up his Motorola phone and offered his assailant his shoes instead. In the middle of a dark street, in the dead of winter. That’s more than many of us would do for a phone.

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Unspiek Baron Bodissey

Can I send him my Moto for his collection? It somehow chewed two SD cards and the screen goes blank at random and needs a reboot.

Surprises me as I have known Motorola products since the 70's when my dad and grandad worked for the electricity utility and both drove company-issue pickup trucks equipped with Motorola underdash radios and walkie-talkies. When the work was light they took me for trips to the field and no matter where they were the radios always sounded crystal clear.