GameDeck Desks/Chairs Reviewed (Verdict: Medical)

Furniture dedicated to gaming, like furniture dedicated to beading or sex, allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve. "Oh that? That's a GameDeck/Love Swing/Beading Chair. It helps me game/sex you up/bead." Not much anyone can say after that except "Eww. Why does it smell?"

The GameDeck Mayfly and the Nex-Sys V1 are two cool gaming desk/chair combos that, given enough use, will start to smell. Consider this quote:

After testing both testing the Mayfly and V1 Chair for well over a hundred hours each, we finally have a full comparative analysis. Which is a fancy way of saying review.

100 hours. That's a lot of adrenaline-laced game gravy leaking down the reviewer's back.


GameDeck and V1 Chair Review [Primotechnology]