Outrageous Motorcycle Computer Case Mod

In what must be the most outrageous computer case mod yet, Chopper Computers of Colorado created this prototype of a chopper-style computer where the only things missing are handlebars and wheels. One-inch steel tubing is used for the frame, the same material used to build roadworthy choppers, and the seat has a hinge for easy access to the power supply. The motherboard is in the rear and is mounted on a tray that slides out for easy access.

Like the finest chopper, this PC is loaded with speed-burner components, with an AMD Athlon X2 4800+ dual core processor, two gigs of RAM and dual XFX Nvidia 7800GT graphics cards in SLI mode. But unlike real motorcycles, this baby is quiet because it's liquid-cooled. Best of all, Chopper Computers will let you design your own with only a two-week lead time from order to shipping. The company hasn't revealed price information yet, but by the looks of it, this can't be cheap.

Amazing Chopper PC Case Mod [Kotaku]