Retro Joystic Coming to Xbox 360

Not only are the first party controllers for Xbox 360 coming fast and furious, third party manufacturers are also getting into the game. This time, Mad Catz is putting out a retro arcade joystick controller for the 360. It's got the same amount of buttons as a regular 360 controller, except instead of a stanadard left analog stick it has an arcade stick.

It's, conveniently enough, called the ArcadeStick, and should be released October 1 for $70. We're not sure if it's going to be wireless, but it should make Pac Man and Frogger more fun to play on Xbox Live Arcade.

Update: Good news! We just heard from Mad Catz that the real price is $49 and it's going to come with free copies of a few Xbox Live Arcade games&madsh;they're still deciding on which ones. I'm going to try to make sure it's ones I don't already have. Tee hee.


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