LG enV Smartphone Hits Verizon: QWERTY for $150

It was only a week ago that rumblings on the Internets pointed to a November 27 launch of the LG enV on Verizon Wireless. Well, the date has arrived and guess what? It's here! Yup, fans of full-size QWERTY keyboards (or people stuck with Verizon Wireless) can rejoice now that the enV (or LG VX9900 to be precise) has officially landed. Why else should they be happy?

LG enV Smartphone Hits Verizon: QWERTY for $150

How about high speed EV-DO or a built-in 2.0-megapixel camera? The relatively low price ($150 after a host of rebates and 2-year contract subsidy from VZW) is also attractive. Reuters brings up a good point, however: the U.S. market is getting a hell of a lot of smartphones lately.


The concern is that consumers may not adopt the smartphones are quickly as they did regular smartphones. This is because these smartphones aren't seen to be as "sexy" as regular cellphones. What's the peanut gallery's opinion? Too many smartphones out there? Just don't care?


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Pics via HowardForums