Sony HD Camcorder Line: New DVD, HDV

Sony announced 4 new HD camcorders that we got to check out at their booth.


This is an HDV-based camcorder, with a 3MP CMOS shooting stills up to 6.1MP. It has a 2.7" LCD...and is pretty standard. Its less-loved sibling, the HC5, has a downgraded 2MP CMOS allowing for 4MP stills Interestingly, the lower end camera also features more digital zoom, as if Sony believes cheaper consumers will be impressed by the pixel-screwing zoom.

Then I took a look at their DVD camcorders...

This camera has identical specs to the HC7, but records to DVD in the MPEG4 AVCHD format, allowing you to put 1080ion 3" DVD. It is also the only model in the lineup with a slightly larger, 3.5" screen. I liked how the UDX7 felt in my hand, the DVD extrusion offered a nice grip and added a balance of shooting that the HDV version lacked.


The 4th camera, the UX5, is the DVD camcorder equivalent to the HC5 (confused yet?). Also, both UX models support 5.1 surround sound. You supply the audio crew. Sony HD Camcorder Line: New DVD, HDV