Groping the Motorizr Z6 Slider

We just got a hands-on with Motorola's Motorizr Z6 today, a new music phone with, thank jeebus, a more modern OS than what you might find on all RAZR gen phones. Motorola is notorious for their craptacularly sluggish software, and the Z6 comes loaded with a new, faster, crisper operating system. The other surprising thing is the interesting backside behind the slider, and the fact you have to hold the camphone like a digicam (landscape) to shoot. Cool.

Other than the new OS, the Z6 can handle up to 2GB of microSD memory, a 2-megapixel camera, and is designed to connect to the Windows Media Player music stores. It's available in "select markets" now with a wider release coming soon.

Groping the Motorizr Z6 Slider


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