$230k Flight Simulator Took 10 Years in the Making

It might have taken 10 years to complete, but Matthew Sheil's 747 flight simulator is without a doubt the most elaborate set up out there. And it should be considering he shelled out $230k to build it. Sheil, who is an amateur pilot living in Sydney, uses 13 quad-core Voodoo PCs to power his rig. For video, he relies on a 42-inch Philips Ambilight LCD, and for the controls he's got Saitek's X52 joystick and toggle. He's even got crappy airline food to go with this 2-ton set up. Props to Sheil for his attention to detail, though for that kinda cash I'd just charter my own plane.

Guy makes his own $230,000 Boeing 747 Flight Simulator [Ministry of Tech via Pop Sci]