LG Tripling OLED Production As Sony Sounds The Death Knell

Sony may be winding down its OLED operations in Japan, but over in South Korea OLED is big business for LG—with news coming in today saying they're investing a whopping $225.7m into tripling production. But who's buying?

I saw LG's 15-inch OLED last night at an event, and it was remarkably beautiful—particularly because the last time I'd seen it had been on the CES show floor, obscured by eager show-goers. It's a stunning technology, but is let down firstly by size restrictions and secondly the high cost of them.

This won't be the case forever though, and I look forward to seeing some properly-sized OLED TVs that can replace my 42-inch at home. LG's apparently releasing 20-inchers this year, 30-inchers in 2011, and 40-inchers the year after—so looks like I've got another couple of years to wait out first. [Reuters]